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Please note: We are the only company who gives you LIFE GUARANTEE to all small parts! ( Springs, clips, rivets,...)


Please Click Here to see an in depth video of how to change your blade.

Please Click Here to see how to replace the spring on your Secateur.

Please Click Here to see how to replace the spring on your Lopper.


  1. After each use, simply wipe the blade clean of moisture and sap.

  2. Put in pouch or in a safe area away from moisture.

  3. Apply occasional application of oil or WD40 into the rachet mechanism to ensure that the tool remains in perfect working order.


A one year replacement warranty from the time of sale applies to all mechanical faults on products purchased from this site.

All small parts as springs, clips, rivets, ( not the blades)... are LIFE GUARANTEE! Email us with you requirement and we will send the part free of charge!


You should receive your items between 3  to 7 working days after the payment. Except when the office is closed.


Consumer Guarantee

All terms of sale are in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act.

Misleading Conduct

JARDIN DE FRANCE has a commitment to providing the customer with accurate information on all products. If you are unsure of the appearance and or operation of a product listed on this site then it is the customers responsibility to seek clarification before purchase.


Customers must take responsibility for the safe use and storage of all products purchased from this site. JARDIN DE FRANCE advises that the correct protective wear and safe working practices be adopted at all times. It is the customers responsibility to seek specialist advice on safety, JARDIN DE FRANCE will not be held responsible for your safety and those in your care when using or storing products purchased from this site.

Right of Refusal

JARDIN DE FRANCE reserves the right to refuse the sale of products listed on this site if it believes the sale would be detrimental to itself or the customer.

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