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Bundle includes Mini Lopper + Secateur + Spare Blade


Mini Lopper

  • Cut 10x easily with our Rachet action technology
  • Perfect for cutting up to 30mm diameter
  • One year warranty
  • Non-stick coated Teflon blade protects against rust and corrosion



  • Perfect tool for those with arthritis, rheumatism, painful wrists and hands
  • Perfect for cutting up to 20 mm diameter. Ratchet action secateurs, works like scissors
  • Free & Fast Delivery. One year warranty.
  • Teflon coated carbon steel blade protects against rust and corrosion, you can also the sharpen blade or get a replacement blade.


Spare Blade

  • Non-stick coated Teflon blade with high carbon steel protects against rust and corrosion
  • Follow instructions on the back or please follow our video on YouTube
  • Includes: Spare Blade, Spring, Allen Key, Pin and C Clips


Delivery will take up to 7 working days. 

Jardin De France Mini Lopper + Sécateur + Spare Blade

£85.00 Regular Price
£79.95Sale Price
  • Instructions For Use: 

    1).When cutting ensure that the branch is positioned as far into the jaws as possible. This will greatly maximise the cutting efficiency of the lopper. 

    2).Hold one arm rigid and with the other pull the blade into the branch until solid resistance is felt.

    3).Open the pulling handle slowly, you will hear a click as the pawl engages the next notch.

    4)Repeat stages 2 and 3 until the branch has been cut.

    *It may help to practice on smaller pieces of wood until the technique has been mastered.

    5). With small branches, cut in one go.


    Maintaining Your Lopper:
    To keep your lopper in perfect working order, after finishing your job, simply wipe the blade and occasionally apply WD-40 or oil into the rachet mechanism.

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